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Thank you for choosing Crea8Host!

Yes, we know you want to run your website with ease. So we've come up with easy video tutorials to get you started. 

As owner of the website, your account information would have already been sent to you. visit www.yourdomain.com/cpanel -(replace yourdomain" with your own purchased domain name.

If you would like to delete the "Website Hosting by Crea8Host" page. Login into your cPanel and upload your website using File Transfer. You can view the

We suggest you download FileZilla ftp from http://filezilla-project.org/download.php if you do not already have an ftp client. Make sure you upload your files to the PUBLIC_HTML or www directory on the server otherwise they will not be visible on the internet.

Also, please be sure that your homepage is saved as an "index" file e.g., index.htm, index.html, etc.

If you still have any inquiries, submit a support ticket or send a mail to support@crea8host.com

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