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pay per click (PPC) nigerian busineses
03 Jun 2014

PPC For Nigerian Businesses: How To Target Your Customers

As a business owner, you are definitely thinking of getting more visitors, appearing on page 1 results on search engines and increasing sales. For Nigerian businesses, Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is one way to go about.

PPC is an advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertiser pay the publisher when the ad is clicked. (You perhaps already know this).

Major publishers includes Google, Facebook, Bing etc

These Are 5 Tips Nigerian Businesses Need to Know about Pay Per Click Advertising:

TARGET: You can target your customer by geographic location, gender, device type, day of week, and even time of day. So get specific!

PROMOTE: Adapt your message with ad scheduling for easily run special offers for weekends or seasonal promotions, so that you can target better conversion rates.

GENERATE: PPC can be used to generate instant quality visitors, which can provide rapid return, and gain valuable information on your audience.

TRACK: You can track visits, sales, engagement levels, and now with call tracking you can monitor call metrics to report phone enquiries.

CALCULATE: It is possible to monitor your exact return on your investment based on a simple calculation, helping you make better informed business decisions.

Some of these tips might involve putting on many hats by learning and adapting or hiring a creative company to help you out. PPC isn’t just about search, there are other delivery methods available to get your message across. Any method used should be able to give valuable consumer data that can be used to improve other marketing channels

Its not about saving money, Its about making money.